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Maldives laying in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on crossroad of an international shipping route is an ideal location to invest in businesses. Maldives has tremendous potential to become the point where East meets West, by connecting to the Indian Ocean maritime transport routes and capitalizing on the growing transshipment traffic. Maldives has a competitive advantage over countries in the region due in large part to its world class tourism industry. Maldives has access to over 30 major cities of the world within 5 hours of flight time. The stable economic growth, sophisticated communication network easy access, bureaucracy-free regulatory & legal framework, and government incentives for businesses are some reason to invest in Maldives.

The Maldivian economy has been growing at a rate of 7% per year over the past 20 years. The country continues to develop at a steady pace and remains economically resilient. The Maldives is covered with an advanced telecommunications and ICT grid which ensures uninterrupted connectivity at all times for businesses. Maldives’ physical infrastructure is geared for future economic diversification. The country has a developing marine transport system including three commercial ports and a maritime public transport network which spans the entire country.

The extensive air transport network which includes four international airports and six regional airports, provides easy access to the islands across the country, and to the world with direct flight links to all major countries. In addition, the Maldives has the largest seaplane fleet in the world providing unhindered access to the luxury resorts.

The areas to invest in Maldives is significant to wide range industries including Tourism, Aviation, General Trade, Fisheries, Agriculture, Real Estate, Health, Education, Energy, Banking, Food & Beverage, Transport & Shipping and etc. The country has a conducive and welcoming environment to attract new business. It seems reasonable to expect that a decade from now, many new and exciting businesses will have been attracted to join those already operating in this wonderful Indian Ocean location.

Avia Maldives welcome’s to form any sort of partnership (General Partnership, Limited partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, or Joint Venture) with any investor interested to invest in Maldives for long term with sufficient capital. 

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