VIP Meet and Greet

At Avia Maldives, we strongly believe in first impressions. As such, we want the first face you see to be our professional assigned to make your travel smooth. We take great pride in seeing to the needs of our clients by establishing a quick and discreet shuttle to your ultimate destination. We will handle any potential issues swiftly and have all arrangements made to your liking.

Our staff are peerless when it comes to handling the affairs of our clients. Besides any previously mentioned arrangements, if any new requirements come up, Avia Maldives’ award winning agents will be more than happy to accommodate you.

We believe that the stress of traveling is something that we are meant to alleviate, if not eliminate entirely. When you choose Avia Maldives, we will make it our job to ensure your trip is bookended by smiles. We take the V in VIP very seriously.