Travel & Tours

Every vacation begins with desire. The desire to shake up the humdrum trappings of normalcy, to escape the rituals of domesticity, to wind down after a busy year or perhaps you’re a jet setter looking to get the most out of life. Whichever reason, we have the answer for you, but the question of what kind of traveler you are remains. Are you a:

  1. High Roller: These travelers know what they want and they will get it, and we are more than happy to oblige to your every whim. High rollers live in the lap of luxury and it doesn’t get any more luxurious than when Avia Maldives orchestrates every little detail to fall into place exactly as you want it.
  2. Voracious Travelers: These travelers are energetic and capricious. Sweeping across your destination and experiencing life organically. Our tour guides at Avia Maldives can match the most vibrant of energies and take you on a grand adventure of the best dive spots, night fishing, mingling with the locals, trying out new cuisines or whatever takes your fancy that day!
  3. Comf-trotters: Do you like taking in idyllic vistas and lolling in the serenity of a quiet day? Do you enjoy the tranquility of lounging, listening to the lapping waves? Then you may just be a comf-trotter! Avia Maldives will find you the best places for ultimate relaxation. With world renowned spas, delicious foods, lush accommodations and leisurely excursions on shimmering turquoise waters all across the country, we will take you to the prime spot just for you.
  4. Sports enthusiasts: The name explains it all. Sports enthusiasts come for the adrenaline rush and Avia Maldives delivers! Whether you’re into scuba diving or snorkeling, jet skiing, paragliding or wave gliding or surfing in a plethora of world-renowned surf spots, we have you covered! And that’s just some of the water sports. If you prefer golf, beach volleyball, bar games or football, we know just the right places for you. Excitement awaits when traveling with Avia Maldives.
  5. Lazy Voyagers: These travelers are looking for a well-deserved rest. The kind of low-key lovely vacation appreciated only by the hardest for workers. Now is your time to kick up your feet and enjoy the fruits of your labor. We at Avia Maldives are in the business of smoothing out any wrinkles and removing the stressors that come with travel. In our hands you will enjoy the best of what Maldives has to offer at your own pace.


Do you identify with any of these travelers? Are you somehow all of them or maybe even something new that defies these definitions? Whichever it may be, we at Avia Maldives love a challenge and rising up to the task of fashioning the experience that suits you best!