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  • MEGA to Fly Hajj Pilgrims to Jeddah

    MEGA Maldives Airlines will be flying a total of 603 Maldivian passengers for their annual pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca. The passengers, representing three Hajj groups are due to depart from Male’ to Jeddah on the 18th and 20th of August, and will be arriving back in Male’ from Jeddah on the 19th and 20th of September. The three private Hajj groups of Mina, Zaee and Acro were allocated 201 passengers per group on MEGA Maldives flights.

    As a Maldives-based airline, MEGA Maldives Airline was one of two airlines that submitted proposals to the initial bid invitation undertaken by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in May this year. The main contract for carrying Hajj Corporation passengers was awarded to Saudia – the national airline of Saudi Arabia, despite MEGA Maldives Airlines offering the lowest rates. MEGA is the also the only airline that would fly directly to Jeddah from Male’ without any transit.

    MEGA Maldives Airlines in previous two years had played an important role in flying Maldivian passengers to both Hajj and Umrah from Male’. In 2014 and 2015, MEGA Maldives carried over 500 and 1700 passengers respectively. MEGA has also been working closely with representatives of the Hajj groups, to ensure that all the logistical arrangements are in place for their journey to Saudi Arabia.

    As part of its long-standing commitment in making sure that Maldivian Hajj passengers are afforded the very best in customer services, the flights to Jeddah will have an all-Maldivian cabin crew. Furthermore, inflight dining and other services has been tailor-made for the preference of the Hajj passengers.

    Schedule of Flights

    Flight 1 - (Zaee and Acro groups)
    18/08, MLE departure 1605 hrs, JED arrival 1955 hrs

    Flight 2 - (Mina and Acro groups)
    20/08, MLE departure 1605 hrs, JED arrival 1955 hrs

    Flight 3 - (Zaee and Acro groups)
    19/09, JED departure 2350 hrs, MLE arrival 0750 hrs

    Flight 4 - (Mina and Acro groups)
    20/09, JED departure 2230 hrs, MLE arrival 0630 hrs


    Media Contact;
    Javed Faizal

  • Sunlight powers an aviation milestone

    A remarkable aircraft is "winging it" this morning . . . completing its first round-the-world flight. As our David Pogue of Yahoo Tech explains, it's a LIGHT aircraft in more ways than one:

    Some achievements are considered impossible -- right up until the moment someone does them, like building a flying machine, or walking on the Moon ... or building an airplane powered only by the Sun.

    The Solar Impulse is on an impossible mission flying around the world without using a single drop of fuel. Not exactly nonstop, and not without a hitch. But it's only one flight away from completing its journey.

    Two Swiss explorers have been taking turns in the pilot seat

    "We are so different," Bertrand Piccard said of his partner, Andre Borschberg. "He's an engineer, I'm a medical doctor.

    "Exploration is when you go into the unknown, you have no idea what's going to happen, and you try to use the doubt and the question marks to stimulate your creativity and your imagination process. And what I tell to the team almost every week is, if it's easy, everybody else would have done it."

    And it's definitely not easy!

    A solar plane lives in a tiny mathematical sweet spot -- limited by weight, solar panel area and batteries. The wingspan is bigger than a 747's, but the plane -- made from layers of carbon fibers -- weighs only about as much as a car, and holds only one person.

    It has taken the plane about a year and five months to circle the Earth. That's because it needs ideal weather, and because -- at a mere 55 miles per hour -- it's not an especially fast plane.

    Yes, it only goes as fast as a car, but as Borschberg explains, it can travel 24 hours a day. "The goal is not how fast you go to the destination. It's how you get to the destination."

    It's no surprise to find Piccard driving this project; he comes from a long line of famous adventurers. So famous, the creators of "Star Trek" named Captain Jean-Luc Picard after one of his relatives. In 1931, his grandfather, Auguste Piccard, was the first man to reach the Earth's stratosphere in a balloon. His father, Jacques Piccard, was the first man to reach the deepest point of the ocean, in the Mariana Trench.

    The solar plane isn't even Bertrand's first record-breaking journey. He was also the first man ever to pilot a balloon nonstop around the world, in 1999.

    "It seems like, for the balloon, it was pure adventure, exploration, pioneering," said Pogue. "It seems like with Solar Impulse, there's a message as well. This is more than just a stunt, right?"

    "It's not a stunt. It's exactly the challenges that our world has, to be cleaner and more energy-efficient, and to solve all the problems of pollution," Piccard said.

    The flight from New York to Seville, Spain, took three days. That's a lot of time cooped up in a cockpit.

    But somehow, they've figured out how to sleep ("You put the seat backward ... You switch on the autopilot. You put the alarm clock for the 20 minutes," said Piccard), and how to exercise.

    "It's very important that you can keep the blood circulation correctly in the body. The best thing to relax is to put the feet up there, like this," said Piccard.

    "Yeah. I tried that on Delta once. They didn't like it," Pogue laughed.

    And to answer a less delicate question of Pogue's, Pixccard revealed that a toilet is under his seat -- basically sitting on a toilet for five days. "You can say it this way!" he laughed. "But you can also say that you have the best view in the world from the toilet!"

    It took Piccard, Borschberg, and their corporate sponsors over a decade to get the Solar Impulse off the ground.

    So what is their relationship like: Is it like a marriage? Is it like coworkers? Is it like old buddies? Do they fight?

    " Sometimes we fight, but not very often," said Piccard. "But we very often disagree, which is the source of our creativity."

    " I think we understand that we are, at the end, better off if we are together than we are if we are alone," Borschberg added.

    For now, Solar Impulse is intended to be a very visible demonstration of how far clean technologies have come. But these guys think that all of this is only the beginning.

    "I make the bet with you that in less than ten years' time, we have electrical airplanes transporting 50 people for 1,000-mile trips," said Piccard. "And this will happen."

    Pogue took that bet -- and might just lose. As Bertrand Piccard pointed out before taking off for the last leg of his "impossible" flight: "The Wright brothers, they also had a single-seater flying very slowly in good weather. And 66 years later, there were two men on the Moon."

    Source : CBS news

  • Falcon 8X set for summer certification

    Dassault says its new $58 million Falcon 8X will be certificated by both the FAA and EASA during the summer.

    The aircraft was announced in early 2014 as a one meter stretch of the 260+ selling Falcon 7X.

    As well as a longer fuselage, the Falcon 8X has a 450nm range boost over the 7X.

    As part of the certification effort Dassault sent the third Falcon 8X on a global tour. As well as showing the aircraft to potential clients, Dassault used the tour as a way of gathering data on the aircraft’s interior configuration.

    “Feedback from the operational trials – cabin comfort, air conditioning, and in particular cabin noise – was excellent,” said Olivier Villa, senior vice president, Dassault Aviation Civil Aircraft. “Dassault has incorporated new innovations with the aircraft insulation which will allow us to lower the noise level by 2dB compared to the Falcon 7X, currently the quietest aircraft in the industry.”

    The company says it will sell both the Falcon 7X and 8X for the time being, and will decide later on the future of the smaller 7X.

    Source : Alud Davies , Corporatejetinvestor

  • FLYINGGROUP opens hangar at Brussels Airport

    Last year, the FLYINGGROUP opened a new commercial office in the General Aviation Terminal at Brussels Airport.

    The company will also open a new hangar at the airport, which will include extra apron space. The hangar will be able to accommodate business jets of all sizes, including biz airliners.

    Johan Van Lokeren, CEO of FLYINGGROUP said: “The availability of hangar space is an important element in offering aircraft management services at Brussels Airport. This is a major step in strengthening our presence in Europe’s capital.”

    The hangar and apron parking will be available for both Brussels-based and visiting aircraft that fly to the airport on an ad-hoc basis.

    For FBO services FLYINGGROUP can rely on its partnership with Aviapartner which opened a new handling facility for General Aviation last year.

    Source : Terry Spruce , corporatejetinvestor

  • Maldives airport to get new passenger terminal

    A NEW passenger terminal will be built at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport by the Saudi Bin Ladin Group (SBG). Scheduled for completion in 2018, the new terminal will increase the airport's handling capacity to more than seven million passengers, up from the current three million.


    The contract for the new terminal was inked between managing director of Maldives Airports Company Adhil Moosa and SBG representative Abdul Aziz Bin Laden last Sunday. Singapore's Surbana International has been appointed as the consultant to the project.

    Moosa unveiled during the signing ceremony that the 78,000m2 terminal will have 40 departure gates, 38 immigration counters, 12 shaded jetties, six aero bridges (which can be converted to four bridges), a state- of-the-art baggage screening and an explosives detection system.


    Last month, president Abdulla Yameen unveiled an ambitious plan to develop the country’s main international airport, including a 65m-wide runway, with US$800 million worth of foreign loans.


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